Venus Fly Trap Dying?

pr0xyJune 12, 2012

About a couple weeks ago I bought a VFP from Meijer. I immediately bought it a bigger pot (4" deep) and sphagnum pete moss. I repotted it the next day. I haven't used any tap water, just distilled. I water it every day or two. I'm afraid of over watering it though. I try to give it at least 6 hours of direct sunlight a day. I live in Michigan so it's usually fairly humid in the summertime. Other than that, I thought I was doing everything okay. I did, however, feed it two bugs (my mistake!) within one week. I found out this could do some damage to the plant, but will it recover?

Some pictures (sorry for the low quality):

I zoomed in on one particular trap where I fed it a fly that is obvious now that it's too big. Is it just going to die? And what about the rest of the traps?

They're not black yet, but they seem to be wilting at the least. What should I do?

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Sit the pot in a tray with about an inch of that water in it. I use 50/50 mix of peat moss and perlite. NOT Miracle grow Perlite, they put fertilizer in their stuff (Witch I HATE).

Do you have a photo of the whole plant you could post? Is the plant OUTSIDE?

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