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swallowtail_growerAugust 11, 2009

Hello, I have to small orange trees, that have their leaves are turning yellow, I water at least every other day. It`s very warm here about 98 every day zone 9, they are both dwarf trees. Could someone help me? Thank You

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CA Kate

Citrus are BIG feeders. They need citrus fertilizer and a bucketful of properly diluted liquid Ironrite. Both can be purchased at your local nursery supply store, OSH, or even Big Box Stores.

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Nutrient deficiencies show up as patterened yellowing in most leaves. Some nutrient deficiencies show up in older leaves, some in younger leaves. But when there is a nutrient deficiency in citrus, the yellowing is throughout the tree.

Overwatering, on the other hand, shows up, first, as yellowing of older and lower leaves.

Every other day is too much water for citrus. Unless your citrus were planted within the last month, every other day will lead to watering problems, including yellowing leaves.

Hot temps combined with a saturated, anaerobic soil is the perfect combination for root rots (which first show up with yellowing leaves as symptoms).

Many more plants die from too much water than too little water.


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I can't say whether you're over- or underwatering without knowing where in California you live, but westelle is right about citrus needing to be fed frequently.

Alkaline soils prevent citrus from absorbing the iron in the soil and that can lead to chlorosis even if you fertilize properly. That would show up as yellowing leaves as well. So you may need to look at amending the soil to lower the pH.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chlorosis in citrus

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