I don't think my venus fly trap is a venus fly trap

baigersJune 1, 2013


I'm just new to this and was given a "venus fly trap" to grow in one of those cheap gift sets.
Now I've put it all together and these bad boys have been growing for probably over a month. I can't see any sign of a carnivorous head on it and also it looks about as far away from a venus when I compare it to any videos or pics online.

Can anyone let me know if it is one, alternatively can you tell me if, like I think, it isn't?


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No, it's NOT a Venus flytrap. Not sure what it is but it's not a Flytrap that's for sure.

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I have been growing the exact same plant for over 4 months waiting to see a fly trap develop. Like you I'm also new to them and found this forum when I started to question the plants true identity.

Did you have any luck finding out what plant it is? Mine looks exactly the same as yours, even only got 3 plants from the seven seeds. Pot looks the same to. I'm guessing someone is selling these dodgy venus fly traps worldwide.
Bit of a shame really as I was getting a little enjoyment out of it. Be nice to at least know what I'm growing now.


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Here's a picture of the kit I bought, was yours the same

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Flytraps make traps literally within a week or 2 of sprouting. They are MINI but functional. FYI.

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Most definitely NOT a VFT. I think you've got some kind of herb (maybe pineapple sage???) Did you end up with little red flowers? I want to try my hand at growing VFTs as well and have been reading up on how to germinate and grow these fascinating plants. Here's a link I found very helpful about how to grow these guys. I just ordered some seeds on eBay, so we'll have to wait and see what comes up. BTW, you should be able to find photos of actual VFT seedlings online. They look just like mini VFT.

Here is a link that might be useful: Venus Flytrap Info

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0.0 This is sad but borderline hilarious.... Sorry to break it to you but that is definitely NOT a venus flytrap! As others have already mentioned, the plants grow out tiny traps in early stages of growth, and you should be able to say "hey there little flytrap" within weeks! You should definitely try to get reimbursement of some sort, that's such terrible thing to do to customers!

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