Tricky_NC(Charlotte NC)October 31, 2005

I am new to Brugs. I have one in the backyard, and looking to extend the collection. I am currently attempting to propagate my existing beautiful pink brug, however, this is the first time I have attempted this. I am looking for orange and/or yellow brugs. I will be willing to trade my pink brug as long as the cuttings are successful. Any tips or tricks are certainly welcome too. Please help out this new brug-lover! :)

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You have mail.

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byrdlady(7b NC)

I have a yellow one (angel trumpet) you can have if you help me dig it up. I live in Charlotte by the university. I have other plants to shre if you want

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Please email me if you are still looking for brugs. I will be trimming mine back and will have plenty of yellow, pink and white to share for the cost of postage...

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I have a ton of them also if yours don't make it. I just cut the stems and store them through the winter in a shallow bucket of water. They can't survive a freeze so you gotta find an indoor spot for this. It can take a while for the stems to root in the cooler seasons but that's ok by me - by springtime I'm ready to pot them up. I find the woody stems easier to root than the green smooth stems.

Some people simply cut down the entire plant and let it halfway dry til the leaves wilt, then they stick the cut end down into a bucket of water. By springtime they have roots and can plant the entire thing back out into the garden. This will work no matter how tall the plant is. Keep in mind that tall plants are heavy and easily fall over.

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