Best way to acclimate d. adelae?

the_girl(8)June 22, 2008

I just bought it (posted pic in gallery). But now I'm kind of confused about how to acclimate it. I've read so many different things - take it out of the cube right away, leave it in the cube. Take the lid off during the day, leave the lid on, poke holes in the lid. Keep it in one place, move it depending on amount of sunlight....

ARGH! lol, I don't know which advice to follow! It's currently sitting against a north-facing window - it's not shaded but it's pretty sunny without being scorching. I took the lid off during daylight and currently it's sealed up (sun went down). I don't think it has any dew on it - it looks like it might have some very very tiny beads cause I can see red spots on the tentacles but you have to really look to see them.

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That's atypical Lowes Cube Of Death" scenario. Ity really depend how far gone / neglected the plant is. What I used to do was open by day and close by night for a couple days and then take the cover off entirely. A north window is also safe. Then just give it time to recover.

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A slow removal of the lid for a couple weeks is helpful. You can also just raise the lid a fraction of an inch every three days, or punch holes in it every three days until it no longer holds humidity, then remove it. The plant will adapt to low humidity and will grow just fine. All of mine are open pot in 50 percent humidity. They would do fine in humidity less than 30 percent so long as they are slowly adapted over those two weeks.

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Take it out of the cube completely right away. That's what I do and no problems. Bright, indirect light. I've never had a problem that way.

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My first one died when I left it in the cube and in a south pointing windowsill, cooked it alive. But it was my first Lowes Deathcube, so...

My second I took out immediately and used a turkey baster to inject water into the moss it was growing in every morning. Now it is surrounded by a deep saucer that I fill with water every 2-4 days, and is doing well as long as I do not put it outside (loses all it's dew rather fast if I do).

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I took it out today. I'm kind of worried that I may have ripped something when I was trying to get the soil lump to fall out and I'm hoping that I didn't - or if I did, that I didn't do any serious damage to the poor thing.

Guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks or so.

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I've learned (the hard way)that it's best to take a new plant, intended to go outside, and allow it to acclimate inside first. Whn it shows new growth, then I know it's in decent enough shape to tolerate being outside. And even then I would start it off in "bright shade". But taking a plant from a garden center or hobbyist or online store and tossing it outside right away is very risky.

Hey Tommy: Why don't you show her the flowering adelaes!?

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Not to hijack the thread or anything, but how do you pronounce "Adelae"?

To answer OP's question, I didn't have to acclimate D. Adelae to indoor conditions under fluoros in zone 9/10. It did everything by itself and catches stuff all the time. Adelae is awesome.

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