Excessive Butterwort Flowering?

jay_bJune 16, 2006

I have a Pinguicula primuliflora and I am constantly fighting against rot. The leaves die very quickly, turning brown at the ends shortly after they form. Thus, the plant has compacted in size considerably. The strange thing is, it is flowering constantly. It just sends flower after flower. Currently it has six flower stalks and I can see another bud forming in the center of the rosette.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this is occuring?

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joeb004(z3/4 MN)

I got a primuliflora for the first time this spring, and it too flowers like crazy. It could just be thats what these particular pings do. Given my experince, I would lean towards that explanation.

A second suggestetion might be survival mechanism. If the plant itself is going down, flowering is one way for it to try an ensure species survival. However mine is also producing plantlets like crazy off of the old leaves.

I would be more concerned with why the plant is so unhappy, which I'm sure you are. Mine resides in the corner of my terrarium. The corners get the least amount of light, but it is the back corner (which is the brightest corner spot). I rigged up a computer fan for air movement in the terraruim. Humidity averages about 75-80% with temps of probably 68-85F. If you go back to my "How I made my Terrarium" post, you can see my setup. It seems to be working. This is the same setup as I outlined, but I only have the single 65W CF over the tank that my Primuliflora is in.

Good luck!

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My very first primuliflora flowered 8X before giving it a rest. I just kept its pot in a plastic container of deionized water, by a SW window sill. I filled the container ~once a week, varying the water level. It did very well until I put it outside and it got aphids. I think the air circulation and the decent lighting were key to mold prevention. They do very well as window sill plants.

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