Experience with the gritty mix inland?

musaboru(Inland Calif.)August 23, 2012

Hello all,

I was wondering does anyone here using the gritty mix inland and notice superior results than using traditional potting soils?

Does it require watering too often being so hot and dry here?

Would love to hear your experiences with the gritty mix so I can gauge if it's worth the extra cost and effort. I think most of my plants grow well in regular potting soil, but if anyone thinks that the gritty mix can give plants grown inland a boost (especially for plumerias), I'd love to know about it.

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I am growing Hydrangeas in it, and you know they like water. I also have Hydrangeas in commercial mix, bark based, with sand and pumice. I have been pleasantly surprised, that the difference in water usage is negligible. Before trying it I had shared your concerns. I chip my own fir bark and screen it to size. Turface MVP I found at Horizon Irrigation stores, many locations. My granite fines I get from a landscape supply and screen it. The Napa valley I think you would say is inland. Al

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