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mnkoschJune 25, 2013

I'm pretty sure what I have is a Sarracenia purpurea ssp. Venosa. However after hearing what other people have said about their plants, others seem to be growing much faster than mine. After nearly 4 months now, it has grown only one pitcher, but one pitcher has also died. I water it using only distilled water. I water from the top, and allow some water to gather in a saucer under it. I water again when the saucer almost dries out. I make sure to keep the soil constantly wet. I grow it on the sunniest windowsill in my house. I occasionally pop a fly into one of the pitchers to feed it. The new pitcher even caught a huge beetle on its own. Is it OK my plant is growing this slow?

P.S. On the new pitcher, some red coloring is appearing, but it does not match the pattern of the other pitchers. It is two circles of red on the hood. I am concerned because in the middle, there is browning occurring. Is this OK, or am I sunburning it? Or is this pitcher going to turn completely red? Pictures Below.

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The whole plant

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The bug it caught on its own. Too big for it?

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tomr(Z6 NY)

You growing it OUTSIDE in full all day Sun?

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No I'm growing it inside on the sunniest windowsill i have. Will it help to grow it outside?

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tomr(Z6 NY)

These are NOT houseplants, Acclimate it to full all day sun. Rainwater or distilled water only. Keep it in a water tray with about an inch of water in it.

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