HAVE: Dry Crispy Annuals

aezarien(7b)November 23, 2008

I have a TON. You come dig them up and you can have them. :D

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Ahh, Aez, did the cold get them? What all went cripsy?
My snaps are still going strong. The only things I lost because I forget to get them were a lemon basil and a reg. basil.
BTW the strawberry I have left u gave me still looks good.
The thyme is doing super! Thanks again...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!!! What cha planning on having?

:) Fran

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All my annuals except the snapdragons went crispy with the first frost. The thyme and strawberries should do good through the winter. Mine usually only die back if I forget they need water.

I'm having lots of company for Thanksgiving. You?

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Nope no company. I am not really cooking. I said last year when I cooked a BIG lasted at least 3 days meal I wasn't going to do it this year. SO, I not, really.
My kids will not be here, basically just me, Victor and his kid(s).
I am just fixing instant rice, a super fast gravy, boxed stuffing mix and either a VERY small turkey or a turkey breast, and deviled eggs, and his favorite cranberry sauce (meaning any from a can, hehe). That is it. Nothing fancy, and nothing we will be eating on until we are sick of it either.

Good luck with your company! Happy Thanksgiving too :)!

:) Fran

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I'm thinking it might just be my Mom but my ex-inlaws may show up so they can spend time with the grand-kids.

We usually smoke a turkey and I do make a table but the rest is pretty standard food so cooking is the least of my worries. These people only show up at my house once in a blue moon though so it is like spring cleaning time for me.

I am just grateful that we found the bag of vegetative material in the pantry last week in time to clear the smell out of the house. We started seeing gnats in the house and a slight smell started develop. I thought that it was coming from the small coffee tin we keep by the sink for compost. I tossed that out and set out gnat traps but that barely helped. The gnats got worse and the smell got stronger. And you have been in my house. While it isn't going to win any awards for cleanliness, It isn't poorly kept either. At this point I have looked all over to see where the smell is coming from, under the kid's beds, in their closets, behind the couch, and all of the other suspect places. I even sent Brian under the house to see if something got under there and died. So just by chance, I am in the pantry one day looking for something on the floor and I move this big pink mesh bag and this smell fills my nose that about knocks me over and there is this putrid liquid spreading rapidly all over the floor leaking through the bag. Apparently while cleaning, one of the kids put all the veggies we had picked in that bag and slid the bag in the pantry. To date, that is the nastiest mess I have ever had to clean up and I spent several years in the medical field in and out of the hospital and clinical environment. *Gags*

Anyway.. I have to get back to my Thanksgivingly duties. You enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday as well!


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