WANTED: Raleigh Seed Swap 2005

trianglejohnNovember 29, 2005

It's that time of year again! only this year I am proposing a change in the style of the seed swap - I hope that this will speed things up a bit and we will all get our seeds in plenty of time for planting.

Last year we passed around a box that you could remove from or add to packets of seed. Since I have been out of town for most of November and we need to speed things up I am proposing a swap day where anyone interested can meet and trade seeds back and forth. For those of you unable to make the trip we will simply pack an envelope full of what we have and mail it to you.

We will meet in Raleigh, more than likely at either the Raulston Arboretum or Logan's Trading Co (Seaboard Cafe), most likely at lunch time (picnic if we're at the arb), and hopefully in 2-3 weeks (Dec 10th or 17th).

I have a lot of seed left over from last years box and all the seed that was brought to the fall swap. I will post a list of what I have and what I want. My hope is that those of you too far away to participate will send me your unwanted seed along with a wish list (or you can just post it here). When we meet we can stuff envelopes with seed packets and mail them to you. If this moves too fast for you we can then send around extra seed and keep the ball rolling for the rest of the winter.

Post your ideas here as well as your "haves" and "wants".

Send your extra seeds to: John Buettner 1502 Miriam Ave Garner NC 27529-4312

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I love it - meet and swap and then send on the box to everyone else. We should bring small envelopes to divvy up.

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I think that is a great idea. I live in Florence SC and won't be able to make the swap. Dale

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new2nocarolina(7 NC)

John- I can donate a box of 500 regular size envelopes if that would be helpful?

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I don't know if I'll make the swap but if I don't I can send a bunch of coin envelopes with my seeds to John. I know that at the least I will have the Day of the Dead marigold seed to share.

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Though I haven't spoken to anyone official Logan's is NOT looking like a good idea so we may just meet at some sort of dive-y restaurant where we can dominate a large table for hours and hours and hours. If the weather is nice the Arb may prove workable. Evidentally garden centers can get pretty busy from now til Christmas and they would rather have us take over after the holidays when there would be fewer customers.

One thing we may do is to have more than one meeting so that folks that can't make to the first one might participate in one later in the winter.

It worked a little better last year when the big box got broken down into smaller boxes and spun off into different directions. This year I'd like to trim the sizes down to envelope sized packages to lower the mailing cost and speed things up.

Of course it doesn't help that I am getting seed catalogs everyday in the mail.... when will spring arrive?????

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John, Have you asked Logan's management? Funny, but I thought I WAS a Logan's customer. When you suggested it, I was thinking I could include some Christmas shopping at Logan's and at the wine store across the street into this trip. Anyone with ANY sales or marketing experience at Logan's should be ecstatic to have us come. Even if we turn out to be a small group, we represent an incremental opportunity to present their products, as well as certain incremental sales not realized otherwise. If a lot of us turn out, they should really be excited.

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I don't know how I missed this post. What about a coffee shop? Or the restaurant at the Farmer's Market. How many people do you think we might have? I know we don't have a place to meet but do we have an idea of when? Are we going to try and do this before Christmas? We are running short on weekend time. Anyone want to volunteer their house? I can make my new dessert. It has Heath bars and chocolate mousse. I'd be willing to make one for the seed swap and one for a host/hostess gift. By the way does Logan's have seeds on clearance? Shannon

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Are we on for the 10th or 17th? I emailed Logans and they would be glad to take a reservation (call Rick Perales) if we want to meet there. Shannon and I have met for coffee at Panera on Hwy 70 and I-540, it's an easy, comfortable place to hang out if you avoid lunch hour, and it might be more central for most people?

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I spoke to Logans this weekend between mouthfulls of cheeseburger - they aren't doing any programs this month so they would enjoy our presence. The cafe closes at around 2pm and wasn't busy at all around 12 this past weekend. After 2 we can still sit at a table in the cafe but we won't be able to order anything. In the past they've had choirs singing and wreath making demos all afternoon long and things got a little crowded, but this year (probably due to the construction nearby) they aren't doing anything special.

My original fear was that too many of us would show up but now I don't think that will be the case.

How does this Saturday sound? too early? I'll be there anyway so its fine by me. And Panera is also a fav place to eat; and my house will be clean (for once!) for a party that weekend so my house is always available - but I live in Garner which may not be the most convenient.

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kerai(z8 SC)

I live in Columbia, SC and won't be able to make it. But I could send whatever seeds I got ( they are not from my garden since this is my first year, but from some generous traders). Need to go through the pkts to post here. Or I could send the small Ziploc bags. I am not sure if I could do it by this weekend. If you are going to meet twice, definitely before the next, I'd mail my things. It would be exciting to attend the Seedswap! Do you do one like this for Plants too?

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The 17th is better for me. DS has his last ball game that morning and DH can take him to that. I am game for Logan's, Panera, or John's. I've got to bag up a few last seeds and I am good to go. So does LOgan's have seeds on clearance? I need to know if I should bring my $. And will the cafe be open? This will include food, right?? Shannon/Dirtrx

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Kerai - last year we simply mailed a box around to anyone that wanted to share seeds - you put in your old seed packets or seeds you had collected from your garden and took out seeds that you wanted. But the box took a while to make the rounds so some of us didn't get seed til late in the spring planting season. So this year we are trying this different approach. Unfortunately it favors the few of us that live in Raleigh. I am gonna try to keep the exchanging of seeds going all winter long so don't give up. Last year we had a few folks from SC participate. You should send me or post a wish list of what you're looking for and what you have to trade and we can pack you an envelope should anything show up at the swap (send me your address if you don't wanna post it)

We also have two plant swaps/pot luck picnics each year. One in the spring around late April (our last frost date) and one in early Oct. Not sure it would be worth the drive from Columbia because you never know what kinda plants are gonna show up. But I will say that enough of us have been attending now for a few years that we know what each other is looking for and so this has become a wonderful way to increase your plant collection. In the past there have been plant swaps in Columbia (hosted by Cindy I think) and Spartanburg (hosted by Jeff). Keep watching this forum for details next spring.

Here is a list of seed that I have to trade (these are a mixture of what was left over from last year and what got left at the fall swap and what I have to donate):

Hosta (med Blue)
Hosta (Inniswood)
Hosta (lrg Green)
Hosta ventricosa
Amsonia tabermontana (Bluestar)
Breadseed Poppy
Lavendar Poppy
Catmint (Nepeta x faesenii)
Italian Parsley
Brugmansia sauveolens white - I've grown these before and they grow fast but often don't bloom their first year
Hibiscus militaris
Red Hawaiian Hibiscus
Texas Star hibiscus -red
Marshmallow (pink)
Oleandar (pink) - remember this is a poisonous plant
Hollyhock (pink single)
Hollyhock (peach)
Lavatera (pink)
Four OÂclocks (Mirabilis jalapa - broken colors)
Collinsia heterophylla - Chinese Houses
Silene armeria
Old manÂs beard
Blue River
Spilanthes (Eyeball plant)
Oleander (pink)
Garlic Chives
Siberian Iris (blues)
Columbine - Aquilegia alpina
Columbine - Aquilegia canadensis
Carolina Allspice - Calycanthus florida
Statice - (stardust - Limonium sinensis) all of mine were white, though these are supposed to be a mixture
Bidens - golden eye (did not grow well for me in Raleigh)
Snow in Summer - Cerastium (sprouts and grows but hates humidity in summer)
Scarlet Pimpernel - Anagallis monellii (same story as above)
Balloon Flower - Platycodon grandiflorus takes two years to bloom
Anise hyssop
Fragrant Tobacco - Jasmine Alata Nicotiana
Red Bell Pepper from Italy ÂQuadrato dÂAsti RossoÂ

post your haves and wants here

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cribscreek(z7/8 NC)

I can't make it to Raleigh either, but I would really like to get in on this.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Since I am having surgery on Dec. 15, I can't make it but would love some seeds if anyone has extra. I hope to make a swap next year, sounds like fun.


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So what's the day and pace? I vote Logan's cuz I'd love to do some shopping too, but I'll be happy with whatever yal decide.

I can bring:
Agastache 'Blue Fortune' (three packets of 30 seeds each)
Alcea, pink hollyocks
Datura (Angel Trumpet),'Lilac Lefleur', single purple,double purple
Calamintha grandiflora, stunning showy large-flowered catmint (1 trade left)
Calycanthus floridus ( 5 seeds)
Caryopteris 'Dark Knight' (one trade)
Fennel, bronze
Hibiscus,Rose Mallow (uncertain if this are militais or moscheutos, 2 trades)
Impatiens balsamina, old fashioned touch-me-nots
Impatiens, plain old garden center type, fushia
Morning Glory,'Crimson Rambler','Milky Way'
Oenethera fruticosa, Sundrops
Peppers, ornamental red
Peppers, ornamental 'Pretty-in-Purple'
Pennesetum alopecuroides "Moudry', Black Fountain Grass
Perilla frutescens, Beefsteak Plant,Shiso Plant
Pieris,'Valley Valentine'
Rudbeckia 'Cherokee Sunset'
Salvia greggii 'Furman's Red'
Spilanthes, Eyeball Plant - this is a great plant, rugged, easy-to-grow, and interesting

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Ooops! Sorry Brenda, I guess some of my responses went directly to Shannon without posting here - my bad. Saturday the 17th at Logans. Around 12 noon. The cafe doesn't take credit cards or debit cards - only cash or check if you plan on eating there. I will be, and I will try to grab a table somewhere obvious so you can spot me if it gets crowded.

Logans does have last years seed on sale for half off - I didn't look at the rack in detail but it wasn't very full and didn't have anything special that I noticed. I think they also have some of the bulbs on discount.

Parking can be a nightmare with all the construction going on across the street - I try to park up in the section near the wine warehouse.

For anyone else wanting to go but confused about the business - Logan's is Logan's Trading Company, a garden center in downtown Raleigh. In fact it is in the old downtown railroad station. The old Seaboard Cafe that serviced the rail station is still in operation inside the garden center though it now only serves lunch. Lunch is mostly ooh-la-la sandwiches or burgers and with a drink and dessert most often costs around $10. There are daily specials with are always worth buying and eating. Logan's is so tucked away in the brick warehouse district north of downtown that few people know how to get there, you can't see it from the road and they have no sign on the streets telling you where it is. If you look at a map of Raleigh with north pointing up you will notice Peace Street running west and east through the northside of downtown. About in the center of the city you will see Peace College. On the west side of Peace College is the street Halifax. If you turn north on Halifax and then west on the first street (I believe it is Semart) you will be driving between a bunch of red brick single story warehouses. At the end of this road is the railroad tracks and you can only turn to the right. Logan's is right in front of you on the left.

If this is too confusing, post where you are coming from and I will tailor the directions for your trip.

Hope to see you there.

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Logan's has a website. If you want to mapquest the address is 707 Semart Dr zip 27604.

I hope I can make it.

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kerai(z8 SC)

I would send Cypress Vine, Cardinal Climber, Cleome,Fountain grass, Angel Trumpet mix (from a trade), Cilantro, Hot pepper seeds, Hollyhock seeds (from a trade) to John tomorrow. Would love to get
Peppers, ornamental red
Peppers, ornamental 'Pretty-in-Purple',
Fennel, bronze
Fragrant Tobacco - Jasmine Alata Nicotiana
Breadseed Poppy
Lavendar Poppy
and anything else that you could share. I would add more to have/want list as I go through my seed box.Thanks.

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kerai(z8 SC)

I forgot to add - John, I'd email you my address. And I'd really love to have a few of Pieris,'Valley Valentine' if there is any left after the swap. I'd send some Agapanthus seeds as well to John.

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kerai - keep in mind that this is just the first in a serious of winter time seed swaps. My collection of seeds will grow as I get done sowing and I have a better idea of what is extra.

To those of you that like natives - I collected a few native perennial seeds. I don't have the names in front of me but I do remember Salvia lyrata was one of them. Many of these plants only gave me a few seeds so I am gonna wintersow them and I'll keep you informed if they sprout next spring. Hopefully I'll have some seedlings to share by spring swap. If anyone has experience with natives let me know and I will send them to you instead.

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I will try and post tomorrow the seeds I will be bringing. My exchange list is not accurate. I have more things which are not full trades but are enough for people to sow for themselves. I have some of the basics. I also have some bubble envelopes with postage. I am really excited.

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cory(7b- N.C.)

I can't make it as we're having DD's birthday party on the 17th.Brenda will be my substitute. I dropped some seeds off to her today. Don't really remember what..
Red Castor Beans
Candlestick tree
Japanese hibiscus
Mexican bird of Paradise
Giant pumpkin seeds
some herbs (forget)
Hyacinth beans
and maybe a few others (again, I forget)

Seeds I'd like Santa to bring:

Any kind of heirloom or unusual tomato or edible hot pepper seeds
Any kind of "no fail" annuals such as Zinnia's, Cosmos, etc
Sunflower seeds for my daughter
Any kind of Salvia or Sage
Any natives
Yellow Datura or any kind other than double-lavendar (got tons of those!!)

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kerai(z8 SC)

I hope you got the seeds I mailed. I would like to add these to my wants list. :-)
Birds of paradise
Impatiens - regular, new guinea, double
Camellia seeds ( do they grow from them?) I had been dying to get some Camellia plants:-(
Butterfly ginger

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So who all will be attending this swap? I'll be there. Npe, I still haven't posted my list. I guess it will be a surprise. I'm really excited, Logan's, seeds, and friends! Shannon/Dirtrx

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Finally had a chance to go thru some of my seeds. For one of the future seed swaps I can send...
4 o'clocks, white and multi color
Cardinal Vine (I think someone ask for some of these but I don't remember who?)
Mexico Midget tomatoes - I got these originally from someone in Texas many years ago, and have passed them to a lot of people here in NC and it's a great 'tiny' (1/2") tomato. Indeterminate
Sweet Dumpling Winter Squash - I do mine in the oven with a rice stuffing and it's very good, or you can do it with the traditional butter, brown sugar and cinnamon/nutmeg.
Hyacinth Bean vine
Bronze Fennel
Blackberry lily
Space Master Cuke
Rainbow Mix Coleus
Cracker Jack Marigold

I'll have more once I go thru the rest. I'm not growing as much from seed this year and I'm going to get rid of a lot.

Some things I'd love!
Amsonia tabermontana (Bluestar)
Oenethera fruticosa, Sundrops
Oleander (are there any that are fragrant?)
Perilla frutescens, Beefsteak Plant
Spilanthes (Eyeball plant)
Any Poppies, Sweet Willam or Columbine
species gingers?
heirloom tomatoes and peppers

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Thanks John for organizing the swap. I had a good time swapping stories and seeds with you and Brenda & John. I got some great seeds to try. Shannon/Dirtrx

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kerai(z8 SC)

I got the seeds today. Thank you very much!

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