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warriorJune 8, 2006


I'm interested in hearing people's experiences of growing CP's in the UK. How do you control humidity, temperature etc, do you have any do's or don'ts.


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Hello warrior. I live in the North-West part of England. I grow VFTs, Sarracenia and darlingtonia outside year round. I keep them in full sun, topping up water trays in Summer whenever they dry up. In Winter I let nature water my plants and remove the water trays to prevent rot.

I also grow Neps in a West facing windowsill without problems. I have a few Drosera Capensis which spend the summer outside or in my greenhouse and the Winter on my windowsill.

DO use rainwater and top up trays regularly in Summer
DON'T leave sitting in water in Winter
DO grow in full sun
DO protect plants during very hard freezes below -6C
DON'T worry about humidity - water trays provide enough and the plants don't really care about it anyway with the exception of neps which can be grown very well sitting on trays of damp perlite.

Temps don't really matter for sarrs, VFTs and Darlingtonia - they are well suited to our Summers. If you grow neps, open the windows wide on very hot days to prevent the sun from cooking them.

Hope this helps


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