Live in zone 5....what would survive?

missa(z5MA)June 11, 2007

Hi there.

I live in zone 5 in MA. and I wanted to make a bog. I know about the spagnum and sand and peat ratio ect. I have had some Cps before but i havent quite has so much sucess having them come back the following year. I love pitcher plants! I have has sarracenia Purpurea, S. White top and S. Flava. at whick i have heard they are more hardy and can tolerate cooler zones. I have only had a white top come back but barely and nevere really did much of anything but just exhist...barely. So ide like suggestions from people for plants that can live in my zone 5. I have has some spatulata sundews that are supposed to be native here and they have never come back for me....sigh. Have a wonderful day! Thanks for any help you can give me. Oh.....where is a good source to find the cps i could try? Thank you! Melissa

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Hi missa,

The Northern Purple Pitcher Plant and Drosera rotundifolia both grow naturally in zone 5 weather.

I am not sure of a Drosera spatulata that grows in zone 5, all of the one's I have seen come from Japan, Australia, or or New Zealand and tend to be semi-tropicals that do not go dormant and can barely survive temperatures down to about 35-40 lowest. Grow them indoors all year round.

You could grow most Sarracenias in a mini-bog in your climate, however, the ones that are from zones 6-8 would need extra protection like mulching and bags over them when the temperature drops too cold.

You could try the site as both a nursery source and an information source as they have care sheets on many carnivorous plants suited for various zones.

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You mat want to check out a local Lowes for a variety of sundews, VFT's, cobra lily, a temperate butterwort, and some American pitcher plants. Or.... you can go the online store route.... or.... you can find a willing hobbyist to share some plants, with just the cost of shipping($4.60). D. spatulata is an Asian tropical sundew and would only be good outside for 4-5 months. But they grow great on window sills.

D. intermedia, binata, rotundifolia, and filiformis grow well outside in bogs, but may be too cold to keep outside in Massachusetts for the winter. I tote mine to sunny window sill in my attic.

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Hey... aren't you the one with the fussy Bettas?

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