Center of Trap is light brown and shrivled

kenzola863June 23, 2010

Hello, I have been growing venus flytraps outside under 6+ hours of sun in Massachusetts. I have all of my plants in 50/50 peat moss perlite mixture with each plant in a individual pot which are all sitting in a tray of water about 1/4 of the way up the pots. They all have been growing perfect until this morning I looked at one of my plants (which normally has deep deep red traps) and I noticed that during the night it caught something inside of its trap. When I looked closer though I noticed that where the bug was inside of the trap, there was a dried shriveled up half cirlce starting at the hinge and going about a 1/4" up the trap. It looked as if whatever it caught sucked up the plant from the inside out. The rest of the trap is green except this half circle shaped dry spot. I have never seen this before and just want to make sure something isn't attacking my plants before it is to late.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

It obviously caught something that eats plants. Maybe an earwig or caterpillar. The trap will die off and the plant will make new traps. If the plant is healthy it should be fine. You might look the plant over for eggs and keep an eye out for earwigs though.

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