Flytrap leaf dies after feeding

DavidL.caJune 11, 2014

Hi all, I'm quite new for the carnivorous plants world, just got one of those tiny flytrap (1.5 inch) from local nursery the other day, it was in great shape though, only 1-2 little black leaves other than that it was quite healthy-looking when I got it, and it still is.
But one of the leaves after I feed it a spider, it closed the trap and sealed the next day, but around the 5th day it just started to have a black spot at one side of the leaf, and slowly the spot just got worse and now the leaf pretty much looks dead. Any idea why this happened? Did the spider do something evil inside xD? Because my other leaf did just fine after eating the same kind of spider... it opened back up already.

Would appreciate your input, thanks!!

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Don't concern yourself too much by this. It happens every now and then. I had that happen to one of my plant's traps not too long ago. Plenty more new traps will grow and take its place.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. One important piece of advice to start with is *don't* use tap water when watering these plants. Use only distilled or rainwater. I just had to share that, if you didn't already know. Well, enjoy your new flytrap. Even after all these years of growing mine, I still find them to be just as fascinating. :)

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Thank you! I just cut that black leaf off, was worried that my plant was sick that's all, but yea other than that it's growing nicely with new leaves every other day! Doing quite well for such a tiny pot... worried about how I'm going to repot it though.

And yes, I have been watering with distilled water every day :)

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There pretty easy to repot, Just make sure its peat and perlite with NoOoOooOoo added nutrients or fertilizers witch is sometimes tricky to find. But as for the actual move of the plant the roots grow straight down usually one long or multiple long one's they like deep pots more root room.

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They need to re-potted when coming out of winter dormancy. So wait. Slowly adjust it to full Sun a little each day.

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Thanks! The winter here goes from November all the way to nearly March. So during this time I should leave it in the fridge with a zip bag? How cold does it have to be? And obviously during this time no water or care needed for the plant at all, right?

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Right. Leave it in the zip lock bag. Lightly spray it with a SULPHUR based fungicide first. Let the excess water drain out before zip locking it up. Fridges are typically 40 degrees F. which is PERFECT.

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Thanks, will do so once our winter starts. I don't own any fungicide though... and not sure where to acquire them.

Here's my flytrap btw, when I first got it:

And after two months:

I feel like they're growing out of their pots already, but I guess I'll have to hold the idea of repotting till next spring.

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