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alavalJune 25, 2012


I'm purchasing some Rainbow Plant, European Butterwort, and Corkscrew Plant seeds. (I'm very excited, I've never had carnivorous plants before!!) I plan to start them in an indoor greenhouse, then put them with my orchids who are suffering from a fungus gnat invasion.

I've read a lot about putting them in a terrarium, but that would defeat the purpose. Would a humidity tray suffice? Can anybody give tips for these little guys?

Thanks in advance,


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Amber it sounds like you're giving your plants too much humidity or they are too wet. While many cp's like high humidity, I find giving them good air circulation is also beneficial.
Keeping the potted plants in a tray with live moss can help increase humidity without having to have them totally enclosed.

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I am not a fan of terrariums for Carnivorous plants, there is no need to put them in one. If you are starting seeds then putting them in a green house environment to start until they germinate is find but once they are up they need fresh air and should be taken out of the terrarium.

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