squim4June 30, 2007

I have always wanted a cephalotus, but never seemed to get one. Just want to know if anyone has one, and how much they paid for it. (i hear they are pretty expensive). How well is it doing, and is the money worth it?

Just a little curious, thanks,


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I paid $25.00 for my typical and $25.00 for my 'Hummer's Giant'. Both where tiny plants when I got them. They will cost much more if you get a larger plant. I've had the typical over 3 years now and the 'HG' over 2 years. Both are doing great. Are they worth the money...... heck ya.

Here's a pic of my typical:

And the 'HG' which has more color:

I grow both plants in a terrarium. The lighting I use 1 - 40 watt 67,000K / 10,000K Sunpaq bulb and 1 - 15 watt Flora Sun bulb. I water them twice a week. The soil mix is equal parts perlite, peat moss, and LFS. I have also used equal parts perlite, peat moss and sand. I have not found one soil mix better then the other.

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wow, those look awesome! Where did you get them?

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The typical I got from Cook's.
The 'HG' I got from a visit to John Hummer's place. John did not have any for sale, but a friend of his, Charles Brewer, brought some along.

John Hummer's 2005

John Hummer's 2006

I will be visiting John this year on July 21st.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Since you're growing in a terrarium does this mean they don't have a cool period?? I've heard that it was not necessary but the temps drop into the 30's in their natural range. if so sounds like a good choice for me since I'm in s florida. gary

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That is correct.
I have thought about taking one of them and placing it my unheated garage where I place the Sarrs and VFTs in the winter to see how the plant would respond.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

So that means while a cool rest period is not necessary you feel it would benifit from it?? your pix look like very healthy plants . How long have you had them???
Sorry to be such a pest but I'm in 10 florida and the majority of non tropical CP"s languish here .
Since cephalotus is rather expensive thought it good to check them out first. thanks gary

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I've been growing them over 3 years in a terrarium.
I do not know if a rest period would be beneficial or not. It's an experiment that I thought about trying sometime to see if there would be a difference.
One thing I think might happen with a cool period would be that the plant would produce leaves. It's not necessary, but makes propagating the plant much easier. :-)
My plants hardly ever makes leaves and that's the only way I'm able to propagate the plant. Pitcher cuttings all fail for me.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

very interesting never heard that about them. From what i can gather Cape Albany is quite similar to s. florida. There is a short mild cool period but never freezes.
Three years should be more than long enough for a problem to arise. Think I'll check into them further they certainly are a fantastic plant. Good luck with yours and thanks very much for the info.. gary

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I got mine from elgecko!

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