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thebonsaimarketJune 21, 2007

I bought a VFT from Walmart and it look very healthy with big red traps and the traps were closing fast, but it was over crowded with abou 6 other VFTs in the same pot so i decided to repot it and separate the traps, now the pant isn't closing as fast as it used to and the new growth isn't turning as red as the rest. Does any one know whats wrong with it, could it be in shock?

Another question i have i know they take full sun but the past few days have been very hot around 88 to 91 and i didn't want it to burn so i placed it in a spot wher it get full sun for about 4 hours, is this ok?

Thank you for your time.

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That would be a reasonable assessment! A change in environment, particularly a plant that most likely has been a neglected one from a retail store, can easily lead to shock. Just give it sunlight, distilled water, and time.

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Also, Venus Flytraps can tolerate temperatures of up to 100 degrees, so no problems there, just keep them with water and they will be fine. It will not hurt to give them a bit of tlc and protect them from heavy ultraviolet radiation and such for a couple weeks, then adapt them slowly to higher aand higher levels of light. 4 hours a day sounds fine for now. If they do not experience leaf burn, then they were already in full sun where you bought them.

It might also be that the plants were already prodded a lot by kids and all their traps are near the end of their days. Just do as petiolaris says and give em time and everything they really need, then watch for new growth.

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When you put it in full sun make sure the cover is off or the heat could build up and easily kill your plant.

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