Pitchers falling over - a problem?

satarinaJune 4, 2006

Hello everyone, this is my first time on this forum, and I have a question. I recently picked up a yellow pitcher plant at a local nursery. It's been doing really well in a container on my front porch, with every pitcher full of insects. But over the last month we've had some really bad thunderstorms, and everytime it storms, I go outside to find the pitchers on my plant bent and falling over. I've tried propping them, and even lightly tying them to small stakes, but it keeps happening. This is with the very large, established pitchers, as well as the new tiny ones. Is this something to be concerned about, and if so, any suggestions to keep it from happening? The only thing I can think of is to replant it deeper. Thanks in advance!

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Strong winds will easily knock over tall upright Sarracenia pitchers. The occassional storm is probably not that much of a concern with regard to the plant's health. However, fallen pithers usually have some damage to the lower part of the pitcher that makes them less stable so once the pitcher has been knocked over it's hard to encourage it to stand on its own accord.

Moving it to an area protected from wind will help prevent the problem, as will moving the plant to a more protected spot/indoors when strong winds are expected. Alternatively, tying the pitchers in a bundle with string and attaching it to a stake will work (although not always aesthetically pleasing).

S.flava sends up most of it's good pitchers early in the season so your plant may look a bit battered for the rest of the season. At least next year you'll be more prepared to take action.

Good luck

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In addition to what Andrew says, one can also purchase small trellises or emplace sticks in the media to gently tie the leaves to. When I perceive of a major storm I will also temporarily move my collection to the porch or garage.

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate the advice. Oh, I just discoverd that a neighbor's cat is also to blame for my poor plant looking so bad... I'm going to try to find a more sheltered spot for it and put it up higher for safety. Thanks again! :)

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Nevermore44 - 6a

I was having the same problems... i ended up taking a long stake, then with 18 gauge copper wire (which you can pick up at home depot or lowes in the picture haning section)... wrapping it at the top of the stake a few times to secure it... and making a series of large loops... so that it looks like a large daisey flower all wrapping back around the center stake... each loop is a petal. This has worked fairly well so far. It enables the new pitchers to have a place to grow too and be secured. And you only need one stake ... the copper browns down a bit.. so it doesn't look that bad.

On my really tall pitchers.. i just take the same stake and wire.. and make a stretched out coil that loops around the pitcher as it goes up... so it has support to the mouth.

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I think it is because they are overfilled with water.The same thing thing happened to mine.

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They'll be fine. In nature this happens all the time. Let Nature take it's coarse!


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