neem oil and bees

laila_2009August 26, 2012


To control the leaf and flower eaters, I want to spray the phlox, and lantana with neem oil. Some of you may remember I created my own mix of neem oil, an hot sauce, which worked, but once I put on too much undiluted hot sauce, and killed much of one phlox plant. My life is too busy to create my own. So I bought neem oil. However the label says it is bad for bees, and not to put it on while bees are active. So when do I spray it on? How long does it take to be unharmful to bees?

I did get my Acer Palmatum ozikazuki which seems beautiful so far after 5 days in the ground, and my strawberry tree is doing so much better than last year, since I have not watered it, and the canopy is getting taller, to compete with the oaks near by.

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Bees usually leave for the day about an hour before the sun goes down, so spray then. If you can remove most of the flowers also, they won't have any attractant and will stay away for a few days.

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I guess i've been very lucky,because in all the years i've been gardening i have NEVER had any problems with anything bothering my lantanas.They have always been one of those plants that needed nothing but Water.Phlox,now that's another story!!

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