Sarracenia seedling question

carnivoorJune 8, 2008

After reading mutant's post about his sarr seedlings I wondered.

I have several packages of sarr seeds in the fridge at the moment and in 3 weeks or so I will have to put the first batch in the ground . I realized I have no idea how long it takes for sarracenias from seed to flower.

I'm assuming from mutants pictures I won't have to expect any before the 3rd year,maybe even longer.

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Hello Carnivoor,

It will take them a whole year just to get big enough to trap sugar ants... so yes, they take a long time to mature. My largest now is about 5 inches across, but its traps are just 2-3 inches long and just barely big enough to trap small flies and spiders. Sarracenias take about 5 years on average to mature to flowering age. You can shorten this time slightly by foregoing winter once or twice while they are young, which really does not harm young plants so much. After a couple years you will certainly need to give them dormancy cues if they are not grown outside by that time. You can grow them inside in astrong florescent and south window light for a couple years too, but direct sun outside is always preferable for larger Sarracenias.

Do you have the packages in moist paper towels or in moist sphagnum moss? If not, the cold from the fridge will not stratify them properly. Stratification takes cool, wet conditions for about 8-12 weeks to work.

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They're in moist sphagnum moss in little plastic bags.
I just hope they do well once I get them out of there and put them in pots.

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