Dormancy Temps?

xxiammexxJune 25, 2008

I'm planning on shipping on a plant down to my boyfriend once Lowe's gets their new shipment in. My question though is what types of plants would grow well in Jacksonville, FL and are easy to take care of for a beginner on a tight budget? Considering day time temperatures as far as I know can be in the 60s for quite a while during the winter will plants still go into dormancy and for long enough? I've heard that it's based mostly on daylight, but would like to see what everyone has to say. Should I just stick with a D. Adelae?

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Putting the plants in the refrigerator is another option. I did that with some of mine last winter and they were fine. Just spray them with fungicide first.

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It really depends upon what you want to do and what resources you have available to you. Do you want strictly outside plants or do you have window sills or a place to set up a plastic container with an artificial light over it?

There are some that require a dormancy / seasonal fluctuation. There are also many that do fine on a window sill all year long, or under a light.

What would you like to grow?

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Because the parents might not enjoy a plant in their refridgerator, I'm kind of trying to avoid that if possible. The temperatures in Jacksonville do get colder during the winter, and once in a while it will get to 32F at night, but usually it's warmer with daytime temps in the 60s and nights being cooler. Based on the plants I have available, the only indoor one is a D. Adelae, which I decided I might send a small one or two that I separated from mine. I did pick up a flytap in a 2 in. cube from Lowes yesterday. I guess we'll see if the temp will get cool enough and with less light and water it might start its dormancy.

I'm alittle happier with Lowes just recently putting the carnivorous plants in actual pots inside of the cubes now. Makes things a lot easier.

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Your VFT can grow just fine outside. It'll get the full range of temps and light it need, including a true dormancy. And yes, the (Lowes Cube Of death) D. adelae will do fine at a window sill. So will their P. primuliflora. There's bazillion more plants that also do well on window sills, low maintenance and very little space. But those come from online stores or hobbyists like myself.

Here are pics from the cube of death:

Here are a few real easy ones:

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