How to prune sundews??

cpnewbyJune 22, 2009

Hi -

My sundew and pitcher plant have both been doing very well. The sundew is comprised of a few little plants that are all right up next to each other. They're doing great but this makes it very hard for me to prune them when the leaves(banches??) die.

Even when they turn completely brown they don't fall off by themselves and they are still attached to the plant enough that i have to cut them off and then try to pull them out. I'm wondering if there's a trick i don't know about? or any easier way to do this?


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Are you sure there's even a need to remove the dead leaves? I've found with sundews that it's usually OK to leave them alone.

If you absolutely must trim them off, get the smallest pair of scissors you can find. Manicure scissors should do the trick. Then a pair of tweezers to pick out the pruned leaves.

Otherwise, back off and leave well enough alone. Tweaking at plants too much will kill them.

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