VFT problem

palmguy05(im in P.A.)June 25, 2006

I got my vft a couple weeks ago. I have fed it once and the trap turned black and is mushy dose that mean that it was to big because the cricket was pretty big. I have been giving it rain water. It has new traps growing and everything its just the one trap. also ther teeth on the outside of the trap look kind of stragely should i take and raise the humidity i have it sitting in water?


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Sounds like a case of indigestion to me. The teeth depend on the clone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Backyard Bogs (The Natural Alternative)

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palmguy05(im in P.A.)

i dont understand

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You do not need to deed a VFT. It will catch it's own food. The plant sounds o.k. to me, traps DO die after a few (3 or 4) closings or 2 months. The fact that you have new traps coming up is a good sign.

If it's not outside get it outside, they do not do well indoors. It needs 6-8 hours or more of direct sun a day. Gradually give it a little sun each day so as not to burn it. I also needs a 3-5 month dormancy period in winter.


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My VFT's and Trumpet Pitchers grow fine along side Cape Sundews and Fork leafed sundews in a terrerium from Late February till early November. So I beg to differ that they are not good indoor plants. If your other leaves aren't dying off then your leaf got a meal that it couldn;t fully digest, my suggestion is if you want to selectivly feed your traps like I do, then feed them insects that are a third of the size of the trap, and only have like 2 or 3 leaves feeding at any given time. when the leaf dies turns black and gets all slimey remove it from the plant before mold or other funguses decide to spread from the leaf into the rhizome and kill it.

don't waterlog it either, let the water table get low before you fill it up again, generally VFTS like about an inch of water. to much adn they'll surcume to root root.

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