yellow datura

valentina(Z5 WI)August 25, 2005


Could somebody please post pictures of yellow datura? I am interested in growing this plant but I have no idea what its growth habit is. I would really need to see some pictures of the whole plant, please. I have looked around but all I can find is pictures of the flower. I want to know if this kind of datura grows like the purple one (upright) or more like the white one (low on the ground)

Also, is there any single yellow datura?

Thank you very much!


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Wildcat_IN_Z5(z5b IN)

Hello Valentina,

Check your e-mail.

Yes, these are upright plants like the double purple. Mine got about 4 feet tall and 4 feet in diameter...they were in the ground.

I've never seen a single yellow.


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theraglady47(z4 NY)

This is the closest to a single yellow I have seen. It is a pale yellow. I wish is showed more yellow in the picture. It is the first singel yellow I have seen. I just checked the preview and it looks just off white in the picture, but it is a single pale yellow.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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valentina(Z5 WI)

Thank you very much David and theraglady. I really appreciate your help. Could you please tell me if the double yellow datura metel flowers a lot all summer like the white single datura? Or it flowers just like the purple ones? I suspect it acts like the purple datura, but... I can hope :)


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Patrick888(z8 SeaTac WA)

Hi Valentina,

One of my triple yellow daturas is opening its first bud. I took these pics this morning. By tomorrow or the next day, it should be fully open. There are 3 plants in a large nursery pot. They do grow upright like the double purple and are slow to begin blooming...very much like the double purple. My plants are around 21-24".


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Nice looking plants, Patrick! Thanks for sharing with us. What kind of brug is that, behind the dat, with the bud?

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valentina(Z5 WI)

Very nice, healthy looking plants, Patrick. I just love the way the yellow looks against the dark foliage.
I guess I got the "picture" now and I thank everybody very much for help. Next year I will definitelly grow some yellow daturas. Actually I think I like these yellow ones better than the purple. But I do like the growth habit of the white daturas better. I was hoping that maybe the yellow one would be similar. Oh well.... I like it anyway :)
Thank you again.


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Patrick888(z8 SeaTac WA)

2 follow-up pics...1rst is the same yellow datura as above, but with the bloom almost fully open. 2nd pic is a bloom on another plant, flower form is a bit different but maybe it's just a bit deformed in the center. The outer corolla is rolled back out of sight.

Bonbon, that is my twin-trunked Charles Grimaldi, setting its first buds. It started life in a container that quickly became too small, but I didn't transplant it as soon as I should have. So it's behind the others a bit. I'm on my way out now to feed the greedy green masses!


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valentina(Z5 WI)

Patrick, your daturas look very nice!
I love these plants. The more pictures I see, the less grass there will be in my yard next spring :)

How tall are these plants (purple, yellow) supposed to grow, if they are planted in the ground?


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Hi, all...everyone's plants are so beautiful. I have seeds and I need your help on how and when to start them. The more I look at your pictures, the more I want NEXT summer to
come. I have seeds for the dbl purity, candida and golden.
Thanks! Margaret (are these plants perennials?)

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valentina(Z5 WI)

the more I want NEXT summer to come

pearlgirl, LOL!!! I know exactly what you mean :)

dbl purity, candida and golden

Are you sure these are datura seeds? "Candida" sounds like brugmansia, but it doesn't matter, because brugmansia plants are just incredibly beautiful.
Datura and brugmansia are plants from the same family, just different species. Datura flowers are upright, brugmansia - downward.

My understanding is that datura plants are short-lived perennials. Somebody said though that his datura was a real perennial. Brugmansia is perennial. Somebody with more experience might tell you more about brugmansia, how to take care of them and if you need to protect them during the winter or not in your zone. I really don't have any experience with brugmansia, only a little bit with datura.
I started my datura seeds inside, February 1st. It took 20+ days to germinate. I believe the white-single ones are easier to grow than the others. They sprout and grow faster. By the time I planted them outside, at the beginning of May in my zone 5, they were flowering already. Well, only the white ones. Since then, they kept flowering.

I don't know what else to tell you... What else do you need to know?
I am sure other more experienced people will give you more information.


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Thanks, Valentina....that's what I needed to know (when you
started your seeds and the approx germination time. I guess
I should start mine inside about March in my zone 7.


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