Green Cat on COLEUS?!

greenjewels(Z8/9 MsGulfCoast)September 14, 2007

Another question from a newbie. I brought in cuttings of coleus a week ago to try rooting them. Today I found a bright lime green cat on one of the cuttings. Is coleus a host plant for a butterfly? I broke off the piece with the cat and took it to a large pot of coleus still growing outside. I'm going to try looking up on the web to see if coleus is a host plant but thought I might get quicker answer here. Thanks everyone.

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greenjewels(Z8/9 MsGulfCoast)

I have checked the FAQ's and Googled but I could not find anything saying Coleus is a host plant for butterflies. So here's another dumb question. Do all caterpillars change into a butterfly/moth or are some just caterpillars for life?

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It could be a moth cat, since they often are not as particular as to hosts. If you want to see the cat again, I would not suggest having it outside, as wasps will gladly eat cats.

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greenjewels(Z8/9 MsGulfCoast)

Thank you Jmcat. I have not been able to find the green cat in the coleus this morning. I have lots of coleus so maybe he's still there somewhere. I'll continue hunting--although, I have never brought a cat inside my house to raise! I don't know if I have the proper equipment, such as an aquarium maybe? I'm pretty new at this stuff.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

There are numerous green larvae, so perhaps you could take a picture if he shows up again. To answer your other question, all caterpillars are the larvae of moths or butterflies. However, there are some other critters that look like caterpillars, but aren't. ;-) (But they are still larvae of some other kind of insect.)

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