Flowering Cherry w Severe Shothole - Worth Keeping?

eli_in_the_weedsAugust 9, 2014

Hi folks! Over the winter I purchased a flowering cherry tree at a local nursery. Unfortunately discovered that it is severely infected with shothole fungus. I didn't know what shothole fungus was, at the time.
Aside from things like bring-it-back and rebuking the nursery for selling it, etc., does anybody have an opinion as to whether it's even worth keeping it? It is still in the pot I bought it in - haven't planted it yet.
I did mention it to the nursery staff; they are the ones who told me what those spots on the leaves are, and then told me how to dormant-spray it in winter. Also they acknowledged that there isn't much else that can be done about it; just dormant-spray in winter, that's all you can do.
Since I haven't yet planted it, and looking towards dormant-spraying, having to clean up every little leaf which falls, etc. My understanding is that shothole is basically everywhere in the "prunus" world... peaches, apricots, flowering plums, etc. Kind of like rats... you just have to deal with them?
Please let me know your thoughts, and whether I have this picture completely wrong (?).
Thanks all.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Sure. Just spray appropriately during the dormant season as you would for PLC. Your anti-fungal product used for PLC will also control Shot Hole. I spray on the "holidays" - Thanksgiving, Christmas, (mid Jan), and Valentine's Day. That does it for me, for by SH and PLC. The tree will recover just fine, and the pest pressure will really depend more on your yard and the issues you have in your yard, not so much what happened to this tree at the nursery. And yes, always pick up an fallen leaves from all your stone fruits to reduce spore build up.

Patty S.

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Thank you very much for your helpful response! I will start to look for a place for it in my yard. Hopefully it will do OK. As I recall, the flowers were gorgeous.

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