Pruning Greg's Mistflower for Fall Blooms to attract butterflies

bluebonnet338September 11, 2012

I have planted a lot of Greg's mistflower over the years in order to attract monarch butterflies as they migrate south.

I was successful one year in getting lots of blooms on the mistflower at the right time for the butterflies.

Right now my plants are quite leggy with few blooms. Is there a time or way to prune the mistflower so I can encourage flowering at the right time for butterfly migration? Thank You

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I have read that pruning back by 50% in July will keep them shorter and cause branching which should produce more flower heads. I have never pruned mine. I just allow them to sprawl. I do know that they will get very large and leggy if they get too much fertilizer and water. Not getting enough sun will also make them leggy.


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