clever plant

cutterpup(z7MD)June 21, 2007

Hi all. I have a Nepenthes Alta that had a hole chewed through near the bottom of it's largest pitcher. It was in a location that allowed any fluid in the pitcher to drain right out. Since that time (about a month ago)I had left the pitcher alone. I just had the chance to look at it closely and noticed that the pitcher has grown in size and shifted so that the hole is now nearer the top and the pitcher is once again filled partway with fluid.

gotta love those plants that can take care of themseoves


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sounds like a Stephen King story. Kind of like "Christine" healing herself and continuing with her murderous rampage.


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That is interesting. It shows that these plants do not just sit there and, even though they do not have a central nervous system or thought process to speak of, they do react to the environemnt in some interesting ways.

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