rye_ryeJune 14, 2013

hello, i am in love with all carnivorous plants. i am not smart with these plants at all, though i wish to be some day. the last time i owned a VFT was in kindergarten, YEARS ago. so it had been a while since i have even touched or seen a carnivorous plants.

well, i have a few questions about them before i get one. i live in oklahoma, where the weather is all over the place. you never know what it is going to be like the next day. one week it was in the eighties then the next day it dropped to the forties. so my plant would have to be inside. we also live near a forest, with a abandoned house next door to ours, so we get a variety of bugs inside our home. you name it, we probably have seen it in our home. my little five year old brother has arachnophobia so he hates spiders, and we see at least two a day. at night he is scared of spiders crawling on him, so i thought a VFT or another carnivorous plant would help calm him down, even if it couldn't catch ever bug that came in house. anyway, i think i should start with the questions i have.

Will dogs or cats be highly interested in one of these plants, and try to knock it over, or chew on it?

Can i only get them online?

Any hints or tips to help me out?

What plant should i start with, as a starter plant?

thank you for any help you may give me.

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tomr(Z6 NY)

I would NOT grow VFTs indoors. that said you can try some tropical Sundews Like Adelae or Capensis indoors. They like bright indirect Sun. Rain or distilled water ONLY. I buy from Sarracenia Northwest.

Cats may mess with them, they like ANY plant. Dogs maybe not so much.

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