VFT Dying and Sundew Flourishing

Jerimah3(5)June 4, 2012

I recently bought a VFT and a Sundew, both about the same size, 4-5 inches in diameter. Both in fairly good healthy, as good as can be expected after being shipped in a box. I planted them in the same mixture of sand, peat moss, and perlite. I put them out in the full sun when its nice out, and inside in the window sil with bags over them for a temporary terrarium.

Recently my VFT's leaves have been blackening, then more and more, today it almost looks dead. It had new traps forming so I did not worry until now, the new traps and blackening and looking dead.

Oddly enough the Sundew, grown in the exact same way, looks to be striving, I cant imagine it looking any happier.

I'm curious if the environment was correct and the VFT died of reasons, or if I screwed up something specific to it? Any input on this would really help, although I don't think I can save the VFT.

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The VFT needs to be out in full all day Sun and left outside until first frost. Did you slowly acclimate it to full sun?
What kind of water are you giving it and is it in a water tray?

What kind of Sundew do you have?

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It's out in full sun as often as full sun is available, cloudy/rainy days and night-time I just leave inside with a bag over its head. It wasnt slowly acclimated, but I read that they are impossible to burn or over-sun, is that wrong?

I collect rain water that I use to water all my CP's, and it is in a water tray with about an inch of standing water.

The sundew was labeled as "Fraser" which I believe to be Drosera Spatulata.

You say the VFT needs to be outside until frost, but surely it would be better to bring it inside and bag it at night, especially while temperatures drop to under 60 still?

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No, keep it outside, there is no need to bring it in or put a bag over it. The Sundew is a nice one, I have several Spatulatas. THEY can be grown indoors in a window.

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I'm curious as to why that would be better for it? It would be colder outside, and just as dark, and if we get cold rain or a thunderstorm wouldn't that be detrimental to it?

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Sigh, they seem to do great out in nature don't they? Do what you want. They belong outside.

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Well the flytrap has been outside for a week straight, through rain and night, and it'd 1 trap left has never looked happier. It even has a reddish hue to it now.
I've decided to follow suite and move the sundew outside as well. Thank you very much for your advice, it has proved to be extremely helpful!

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Glad to be of help. Remember, these plants are not fragile like eggs! They can take abuse found in nature.

Remember, the Spatulatas are not cold hardy so before it gets too cold bring them indoors. They are happy in a bright window. They are easy to start from leaf cuttings.

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