Sarracenia minor

bassicJune 7, 2011

Hello everyone.

I keep both tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes) as well as American types (Sarracenia). The Sarracenia I have in bog containers in my koi pond. My question is: in almost all my containers, the plants will produce traps, but the traps typically topple over and get in the water where they'll turn black and die. Recently, I have one Sarracenia minor that produced a particularly long trap. I've been keeping my eye on it and as of this morning, it also toppled over. I got some wooden stakes and made a support for it so the trap is standing upright again.

What does that mean that so many of my Sarracenia plants are falling over? All input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much.

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You might need more light. Sarracenias need full sun all day.
Try moving them to a bog garden devoted to them in full sun

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Are your Sarrs in contact with the water from the pond?
The water would act as a fertilizer(never a good idea for cps) and you end up with long floppy pitchers.

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This sort of setup works well:

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Hi petiolaris,
Can you describe in detail what your setup is? Based on the photo, I can't tell what type of container that is. It looks very nice though and I'd like to try to replicate something like that for mine and see if it'll help with the Sarracenia's toppling over.

Thanks so much.

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It's a plastic tray, 2' long x 10" wide x 1.5" tall. I just place pots in the tray and fill it up with bog water. If it rains too much it overflows the tray but doesn't saturate pots / plants.

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I sometimes use deeper trays but drill a hole 1 to 1 1/2" up a side from the bottom to prevent too much water from filling the tray.

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