ants on vft

nametakkenJune 5, 2006

i went out to check on my VFT today and found a bunch of little ants(about 1mm long) on it and crawling on top of hte soil it was in(so im guessing down in the soil to) is this a bad thing and if so what do i need to do

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I had the same problem with my Nepenthes, and according to the people who helped me out, its not bad.

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did you check if your Vft had a bug in its trap? ants usually do that when a flytrap digests a big bug for its trap. since the remaining part of a bug would be too big to digest, ants take advantage and infect the container with the bug remainings. everytime this happens, i see no harm to it. ants just like devouring on left overs that venus' flytraps leave behind. you shouldn't worry at all.

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ok thanks, just walked outside ans saw ants allover them wanted to make sure it was ok

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