In NE Ohio?? Cheap VFTs

ilbasso_74June 12, 2006

If anybody is in or may be in NE Ohio (specifically the greater Akron area), PM me for the location of some dirt cheap VFTs.

I was in a grocery store that I don't usually go to (but is now my favorite place on the globe) and noticed the plastic cylinders of VFTs. I picked a couple that had very nice dark red traps and had a manager paged. I asked if the blackend ones were going to be marked down and she said she'd cut me a deal since black meant that they were dying! She began rooting through these plants grumbling about how many she was sent and kept pulling plants aside for me. She was even willing to cut me a deal on the non-blackened plants if I got more than one. I said that I had two that were a nice dark red color and she informed me that red meant they were dying too! Black and red were dying-they should be all green!!!! So those two were also added in. When all was said and done, I walked out with TEN 50 cents apiece! One even had a flower stalk pressed against the top of the container. That has been cut off for this season and they shall be repotted and slowly moved into the sun working their way up to about 10 hours a day.

Needless to say, I'm a tad "giddy" this afternoon! These plants have some black leaves and some partially black traps but all have lots of nice green or red growth. Give it another week and I'm sure she'll be pulling more "dying" plants aside so let me know if anybody is close enough to the region and wants the location to stop by and pick a few up.

I'll try to get some photos in the future.

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cool, way to go :) what a lucky day for you.

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wow that is a great price...even the compleatly black ones can come back if tey have a good root system can't they?

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I've always heard that as long as there is some green on the plant, there is some hope. We'll see!

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lindaflower(7 DFW)

What grocery store was it? Maybe they have a a chain here in Texas and a dumbass to match.

p.s. I shouldn't call ppl names... they were just woefully misinformed.

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lol yea would it happen to be a chian? if so hopefully not some place like lowe's because i asked about a discount there and they said they couldnt because w/o the higher athority's permission, otherwise id probably buy out most of our local lowe's stores stock

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I've gotten Lowe's to knock 50% off before (the best Nep I have was a result of that) but this particular chain is Tops. I hadn't heard of it until I moved here so I don't know if it is all over. The very same plants were also at Wal Mart when I went to buy a big pot to put the new dependants in. They looked much worse at Wal Mart though.

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lindaflower(7 DFW)

Tops is owned by Giant Food Stores, LLC in OH, PA & NY. It is also Martin's Food Stores in MD, VA and WV. Giant is owned by Royal Ahold which also owns Peapod, Stop and Shop and US Food Service.

Man! I need a life!

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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

How far is Akron Area from Dayton/springfeild area?

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I saw them too in a TOPS in Lakewood, Ohio.

I found this site by searching for news on TOPS Supermakets, which just THIS EVENING (7/06/06) stated that they are going to be CLOSING/Selling all of their 40+ stores in NE Ohio. So, the sales on a lot of things may take place before too long.

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Dang! Excellent find! I would have been all over those 50 cent VFTs.

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well, I have not adopted any more of these guys yet. Either the manager is not there or is on the phone and not giving me the time of day. I'm amazed that these things are clinging to life as well as they are. There are some that look too good for something in no light and only mildly damp soil. I shall try to bust some more out, but certainly not at the $7 asking price. That is just nuts.

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