Sarracenia division.. now? Propagation.

crazirob22June 18, 2007

Hi everyone! =D I've read so many topics on this forum and have seen everyone as very helpful... so I have decided to ask one of my own questions.

Well.. I just ordered about 50 bucks worth of plants off of that Sarracenia Northwest website with my uncle. I got about three plants while he got three also. I couldn't decide between the Dana's Delight or White Top Pitcher because they're both soooo beautiful. Well I went with Dana's Delight so he said he'd take the White Top.

I feel a little greedy in even thinking about this, but I absolutely LOVE these plants.. When they come in the mail.. would I be able to possibly do that rhizome division thing to the White Top during this time of the year without both pieces dying? I would feel so bad. >_Also, although I have read how to do it.. I'm very nervous about killing it. I just have to take a small cut off of the white part (rhizome right?) with some roots left on it, yes?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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I would plant them as is, since this is the growing season and dividing would likely set the plant back. I would wait until winter, when they are dormant to do any dividing.

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Sarracenia Northwest plants will probably be from recent rhizome division. It would be a bad idea to divide an already divided rhizome. Wait till next year or even later until the plants you have are established and have grown several crowns, then try to divide them. The Sarracenia rubra I got from them was just a small division that was just beginning to regrow a new root system and had one large crown with 8-9 inch pitchers growing on it now, and three tiny new crowns with one inch pithcers just started. I just got mine a couple of months ago as it was just coming out of dormancy.

Just have patience.

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I agree, wait until winter. Give them time to establish. I too love Sarrs!


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