Plumeria/ Frangipani

gwlolo(9b/ Sunset 15)August 5, 2013

I love plumeria/ frangipani and wonder if it is too ambitious to plant in SF bay area. will it survive the winter outdoors with some sort of protection?

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

It may survive, but must be kept very dry or the roots will rot. I bring mine inside for the winter, at least as long as I can before it gets too big to handle. I am using the gritty mix to keep the roots from rotting. Al

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I tried. It slowly grew,then we had a frost,and over the course of two winters in ground,it lost ground.
If you try..plant where it gets morning winter sun to the base of the ground covers and NO shade. The more reflected heat the better.
Celadine is one of the hardier..its what most "logs" of Plumeria are sold as.

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kerrican2001(z9b CA)

I haven't tried, but even in San Diego I see them struggle unless they have great drainage and get ZERO frost near the coast. Just a few miles inland, they go bare in winter and struggle to come back in the spring. I'd think you would need superb drainage or even better, a slope, and pretty much no frost in your area. However, you indicate you're Zone 15, so you must be a little too far inland. You may have some luck in containers under an overhang, even if left outdoors.

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There are many who grow Plumeria in pots in the bay area. Hot spots like Livermore get great growth in pots all summer. So,just because they wont be a sure thing in ground..they are good if brought in winter..or kept out of the rain,under protection and of course no frost let alone a freeze.
Besides Celadine there are some Apricot colored flowering Plumeria that do well that way. Can't remember the name.

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