My cape sundew

thelittlepiglet(9)June 27, 2013

Hello guys I need some help with my cape sundew! I'm new to carnivorous plants and have heard that this is a great starter plant into the hobby! I have had my cape sundew for a week now with bad results. I keep the sundew in an east facing window with a white light on it also with about 1000 lumens for the plant. I originally kept the plant very close to this light and the leaf closest to it shriveled up, so I cut it off. A new leaf grew but is much paler and didnt have any dew, along with all the other leafs. The leafs had no dew when I originally bought it from Home Depot and I don't know what to do to get the dew back! I only used distilled water and I have it in a tray full with distilled water. So I would like to know of what I'm doing is wrong, and what am I doing right? Please anyone respond to this ASAP before my little planty dies!

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tomr(Z6 NY)

Your plant is acclimating to it's new home. Give it more time. You seem to be doing fine so far with your care.

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Thank you Tom! It died about a month after i bought it :( my guess is not enough humidity, and the plants bought from Home Depot are already in a state of shock from improper in-store care. On to the next plant!

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Wow, that was some delayed reply! LOL! Sorry to hear it died. TRY AGAIN!

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