Found Butterfly with Damaged Wings - Help?

KinuiSeptember 18, 2012

Hi all, I was hoping you could help me with something.

Yesterday at work, I found a monarch butterfly who couldn't fly (almost stepped on him) and was content to sit on my finger or shoulder the rest of the day, so naturally, I brought him home with me. I put together a quick little setup for him from an old fish tank.

I followed directions from here - - and have given him a mixture of gatorade and sugar water in a cotton ball, but have been unable to get him to eat, even using the method described on the website of gently coaxing out his proboscis. So first question, any more tips on convincing him to feed?

Looking at his wings, it seems that the right one, near the bottom end of the back, is curved outwards, almost slightly crumpled. The bottom tip of the left one is also curved in the same directed, though less drastically. I don't know if he just popped out of a cocoon and they dried that way or something else happened, but he definitely can't fly. I've uploaded a picture showing his wings from the back end (sorry about it being sideways).

He also doesn't seem very strong; if I put him on something that is vertical or even just slanted upwards, he will start to fall. The weight of his wings seen to bear right, so he's always leaned over like he's off balance. He also seems to only walk backwards which is odd.

I've also found a video demonstrating how you can repair butterfly wings - . I was wondering if I trimmed off the deformed parts of his wings, therefore making him symmetrical, if it would help his flight? Or if that seems to large a part to be missing for him to fly effectively, if anyone knows what kinds of stores would sell real wings?

So, just looking for advice on how to handle this, if there's anything I can do, or someways to care for him. Sorry for the long winded-ness. I know it's just a butterfly but I feel sorry for the little guy.

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I wish I could help, not sure sure what you could do. But good for you for wanting to try! Good luck, I hope you figure something out.

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