weeds and seedlings

mattmega4(9)June 20, 2010

So my VFT and Sundew are flowering..and soon they'll be dropping seed..and I know all the stuff about beginners shouldn't grow seeds because its hard..they arent as forgiving at mistakes..and its a slow less rewarding process...but i want to try it..you have to learn somehow


i have noticed over the two years that i've been growing my CPs that i get weeds ..and when i see them i always pluck them out..im lucky because the weeds are tiny compared to the CPs...but if im going to be growing seedlings..its going to be hard to pluck a weed when i have a seedling right next to it that is the same size...and super sensitive

so what do you recommend for dealing with this situation or improving it or whatnot

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

If I'm understanding you right then you should take a shish kabob skewer or something similar and place it between the plants and apply downward pressure before pulling the weed.
I use 2 K-bobs to propagate sundews.

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