HELP Jade dying, Leaves turning yellow, green ones falling off.

hootie233June 14, 2011

History, I moved my 4yr old jade plant outside for a few weeks and it was doing just fine. I sprayed it with some organocide to kill off some bugs I saw on it. My mother / sister over watered it while I was gone for one week. Most of the lower leaves are starting to turn yellow and the upper newer green leaves have started falling off at a very rapid rate, about 15 in the past 3 days.

I have since moved the plant back inside.

I re-potted my jade and inspected it for root rot and found nothing. The leaves feel kinda gritty and sticky unlike my other ones. Do any of you have any suggestions?!?

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Crassula are sensitive to some organic horticultural oils. Have you had success with Organocide on Crassula before? I'd recommend reading the label and all fine print (or do a web search, or both) on Organocide and look for warnings about damage to Crassula species.

I'm guessing the residue is from the spraying. If it were my plant, I'd spray the leaves with a very mild solution of dish soap (Dawn is good) and water and rinse the residue off.

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This is the first time ive used organocide on my jade. Ill try your advice. Thanks!

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I have not used Organocide brand before, but I have had damage on Crassula and Adenium species from some other organic pesticidal oils (peppermint-, citrus-based). Good luck!

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From what I've read on a lot of different insecticides, both organic and chemical, is that you should not use them on jade/crassula. I agree, they are sensitive to most insect treatments, outside of soap. My practices with jades are to do pest inspections every time I water, so I can catch any problems when they are minor. Mealy bugs are the main suspect when it comes to insects on jades, and catching them early is a must. Once you have a severe infestation, it is hard to clean them up because of the problem with using insecticides. I have a tweezers I use for removing mealy bugs, but a cotton swab dipped in alcohol works well also. Jades can tolerate alcohol because of the thick leaves, so even a water diluted alcohol mixture in a spray bottle can work for major infestations. Spray the mixture on good, getting all the nooks & crannies, wait 10 minutes, then wash it off with a spray of clean water.

Also, are you even sure what kind of insects you saw on your jade? They may not have been pests, maybe something just hanging out in the plant, and you sprayed it for nothing. A good practice is to always identify any insects you find BEFORE you take action, so you can be sure of what action you actually need to take.


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Joe's advice sounds very sensible.

Another good source of information is word of mouth at local cactus and succulent shows and sales. Many of the sellers are also advanced aficionados of these plants and their specialized care. They often have good ideas for pest control. From grower to grower, you will hear very different styles of maintenance, but somewhere in there will be some information you can really use on your plants.

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