On N. Ventricosa, Plant Maturity, and Other.

samuel_01(Zone 6)June 15, 2010

Hi everyone here on the forums, this is my first post, and I have just a few questions I was hoping maybe a few of you could answer.

My first question is just a simple one andd that is on fertilizing Nepenthes, mine being an N. Ventricosa. I have been reading that I should use 1/4 strength solution. So does that mean 1/4 of the already diluted orchid fertlizer. They say 1/4 tbsp to 1 gallon, so is that okay? Or should I take 1/4 of that being 1/8 tablespoon.

Secondly, how can I tell the maturity of my Ventricosa, or any of my plants really. I suppose I focus specifically on the nep because I would really like to see it flower, but I have read it doesn't flower for a while. Is there really any way of making an educated guess by looking at it?

Lastly, I am mainly still confused about Upper vs. Lower pitchers. I have read a few other posts relating to this, but I have not found exactly the answer I am looking for, but forgive me if any of these questions are repeats.

I guess I'm just confused when it comes specifically to the N. Ventricosa. I've seen upper and lower pitchers for say the rafflesiana, but I haven't found anything for ventricosa? They have both right? And if so, what are the pitchers it firsts produce? I've posted a pic of mine that hopefully you can see, but what kind of pitchers are those? If it's a ground pitcher, how do I encourage climing pitchers, and if its a climbing pitcher, how do I encourage ground pitchers.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading, hopefully at least 2/3 questions can be answered XD



Here is a link that might be useful:

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With Neps you use 1/4 of the strength recommended on the label. Put some of that mix in a SPRAY BOTTLE and lightly spray the LEAVES ONLY. Every 2 weeks until pitchers form. It is only used to help start pitcher growth in the spring.

Second question I am not sure of so I will beg off that one.

I'll beg off the 3rd as well. Age may play a part in number 3. I am not sure though.

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samuel_01(Zone 6)

Thank you for the quick response tommyr.

I wasn't aware that the fertilization was only for the starting of pitchers. My plant already has two fully grown pitchers, and three more starting up so I guess by that logic I shouldn't even bother with the fertilizer. Is there any benefit at all to fertilizing the plant, even if pitchers are already forming?

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for the record . . . 1/4 strengh of 1/4 Tbsp is 1/16 Tbsp . . . 1/8 Tbsp is half strength.


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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

There's really no way to tell how old the plant is because it could be a cutting of a cutting of a cutting and could be older than you are now.
Those are lower pitchers and upper pitchers of a ventricosa will look much different. The top of the pitcher should look more like a toilet bowl. The plant will have to start vining before it gets uppers. Usually if grown in favorable conditions and not topped for cuttings this could happen somewhere around 5-7 years old. Here's a link to a pic of ventricosa upper from dangerousplants.com


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samuel_01(Zone 6)

Hah, thanks for the correction carolyn, my mistake XD.

And thanks taz, that's very helpful. Now that I think of it I have seen those kinds of pitchers on the N. Ventricosa, I guess i just didn't realize they were the uppers.

I suppose I'll just have to play the waiting game as far as flowering goes then. I appreciate it taz, thank you.

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