Desert cps and Sarr ID

nyctiJune 19, 2008

Hi Everyone,

So far, it is possible to grow cps in the Phoenix desert. I still have my VFTs and the 2 Sarrs growing outside, watching them day by day for any "toaster" effect. The temps here have been 110 or higher 6 days in a row. The humidity between 3% to 8% during the day. I water in the morning and evening, misting them heavily in the evening. I have a 75% shade screen over the plants from noon on through the day. The shade screen is keeping the media cool enough, not having to use ice cubes. I had read to keep the water levels down in the trays, that the water will hold heat. I understand that theory but it didn't seem to work for me. The media remains damp and cool, the plants just do better with water up 1/3 to 1/2 of the pots. I started with cps last summer so this is more an experimental summer for me.

VFTs at 113 degrees yesterday. Growing well, good green color but not much color in the traps. Not sure why that is.

This Sarr I purchased February 8 from Home Depot, labeled Sweet Pitcher Plant, Sarracenia Purpurea. I posted a pic here in Feb. possible IDs were Judith Hindle or Dana's Delight, also was the suggestion to let it grow a bit then try for an ID. Here it is growing outside since March 30. Any ideas on ID?

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Anyone know of any cp clubs, groups, organizations in Phoenix or in the state of Arizona?

Stay cool :),


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The Sarracenia is either Dana's delight or Judith Hindle.. I think.

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Hi nycti
& Thanks for sharing your results. I have similar concerns in inland SoCali where warm media seems to have paralyzed my first Sarrecenia. A "Full (desert) sun" recommendation seems problematic with cp trays.
And I feel a much lighter soil than 50/50 is indicated for increased evaporative cooling. Some proportion of fibers much longer than occurs in pulverized peat will also be an asset to cooler soil.

Presently I'm cooling my trays by increasing the tray evaporation rate. Various mulches [pumice, some barks] around pots can increase wet surface area, cooling trays several degrees. Terra-cotta bowls in place of trays do the same. But watch barks that contain killer tannin levels (eg dark oaks).

Looking to conditions within bogs, I can see that transpiration from grasses grown in the Sarr pot- particularly around edges- should also help lower media temps.
I'm considering a further experiment: a dedicated outer-pot of native bog grasses held close around smaller cp pots. Sarrs certainly won't mind some shading, and they'd make effective visual complements.

Now I have a question for you: I suspect these might do as well grown through my mild winters. I'll see a local ground-hugging frost a few days at most; but it's yet to affect my tropicals. Do you see any indication your zone-9 plants will adapt to growing year-round in "time-share" (with half the roots in forced summer-dormancy), or do your cp enjoy a clear outdoors dormancy?

Thanx again.

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