Venus Fly Trap Transplant

organic_mathewJune 24, 2007

Hi again,

Well I received my NEW venus fly trap today and it is doing much better than my first VFT. (my first one is slowly coming back to life, yay!). I've had the 2nd one for about 2 weeks now and right now it is in a very small about 2 1/2in pot. I want to transplant it into a bigger pot but I have no idea where to start. I was able to locate sphagnum peat moss and pearlite at my local walmart and from what I have read so far that I should just mix those ingredients 50/50. Does this sound good? I'm trying to figure out the best way to get the plant out of its original pot without disturbing the roots since everything is so wet. Any tips? :) Thanks for any help!


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The best advice I have for you is leave it in the pot it came in. I mean, you can transplant it but flytraps are very sensitive to that sort of thing. If you haven't transplanted things like Sarracenia and Nepenthes I wouldn't even concider transplanting a flytrap.

IF you MUST (and by that I mean what you really must want is another new flytrap from the store) then the best luck I've had is with removeing the whole wad of soil all together, then laying it on an outside table and rence the soil away with water. If you pull the soil away, you'll get roots. You'll get roots anyway you do it but this way is the way I've found to be the least damageing.

If you're willing to keep the old soil (If you MUST do this I'd recomend keeping the old soil) remove the whole wad of soil and put the contents into a larger pot of new soil around the old.

To get the whole wad of soil out I've tried everything from turning the plant upside down, to running a knife around the outter edge then trying to coax the soil out, to drowning the soil to the point where it would be so saturated it would slide easier. I've found no best method for everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aracknight's Deadly Delights

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Hello organic mathew,

You can repot it by tapping the pot with your knuckles and press in slightly around the sides of the pot to loosen the soil, then just turn it upside down with your hand over the plant. It should just fall out in your hand. If the old soil is still in good shape, you can just repot it with the soil around it till next spring. It is best to repot them completely in spring as they are just coming out of dormancy. To completely repot them, you can rinse the old soil from their roots carefully as described above (in a tray of distilled water) or just carefully brush the old soil away by hand. Venus Flytraps really are not as easy to kill as all that, but you do not want to break off many roots or damage the rhizome needlessly. If you saw the way carnivorous plants are handled when nurseries repot them you would see that they are not so easy to kill with just a bit of repotting. The main thing is that they should be repotted in the growing season so they can regrow any roots and reestablish themselves before dormancy.

Venus Flytraps often like to have a few inches of growing space, so repot into a 4-6 inch pot according to how many plants you want together and how long the roots are growing. They tend to grow larger, faster after repotting and when they have room to grow longer roots.

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Be careful!! The Wal Marts around here have the Miracle Grow Sphagnum peat moss with "extra" stuff added. Make sure that it is straight up peat and straight up perlite.

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Hi, yes I have noticed the walmarts here have the Miracle Grow brand as well. But what I was talking about was just straight pearlite and peat moss. NOTHING ELSE. :) Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.


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I too am contemplating on transplanting my flytraps, (i have 3) into one big pot. However, 1 has a bit of an unknown bug problem, so i dont think ill be doing that until i know the pests are gone. unfortunately, i dont think my flytrap will live that long...

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Wait until dormancy or when they're just waking up from dormancy to transplant. You can do it anytime but I think it's best to do it early spring...


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With an unknown bug problem you will need to perpare a new pot with totally different soil media and then thoroughy rinse the plant(s)off. Then place in new pot.

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yea, i am currently applying a neem based insecticide with some orthene in it. Then when I know it is irradicated, (good riddence), i will transplant it with my others. Its either thrip or scale, i cant tell.

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Here is a picture of my looks odd and the sprouts aren't were the "dead" ones are. Here's a pic of the "new" growth after I brought it inside!

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That is NOT a VFT. Sorry.

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So i finally got my 1st VFT.. N wut an awsome plant it is... I no they need nutrient poor acidic soil.. I really dnt trust ne thing u buy at a store i always make my own dirt for all my plants n they thrive... Ive read u can use pine needles or pine bark like they use with orchids.. Well my ? Is can i use black walnut shucks from the nuts cuz i no ther very acidic.. I also hve smal lava rock whick i read u can use to make perilte with if u polverize it?.. Ne suggestions r great thank u...jessie

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