sugar snap peas

fruit_cake(z7 Lewisville, NC)January 12, 2007

anyone else sowing their sugar snap peas this month?

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rosebush(z7 NC)

I have a few that are still growing slowly. . .would love to sow more. This weather has them - and me - confused!

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I'm hoping to get my Sugar Snap and Snow Peas in the ground this weekend.

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Tammy Kennedy

ditto. planted lettuce, carrots and spinach last weekend.

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limhyl(z8 NC)

I thought I would take a change two weeks ago with the warm temps and rain. My snaps are up an inch and the lettuce and beets have germed. That could all be gone with one cold snap though. You just never know around here. Theresa.

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Tammy Kennedy

i've found the sweet peas (flower) and snow peas can take temps down to about 12-15 if you leave them prostrate on the ground until you're fairly certain it won't be that cold again. they might get a little damaged but will survive. i'm sure if you laid nearly anything over top if they predicted below 20 it would give them enough protection. i lift them onto a trellis once it gets warmer and they have a great head start and produce well before it gets hot.

lettuce and spinach can take an awful lot of cold, too. i've seen mine get damaged, but not killed when small down into that same 12-15 range. not sure about beets, since we don't like them and i only grow them once in a while. last yr i grew all my lettuce & such under row ccver and was amazed at the difference in growth rate! i didn't even bother to try to elevate it- just allowed the lettuce to lift it as it grew. have never protected or needed to protect carrots. we love all the winter crops!

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limhyl(z8 NC)

Hey, that's a great tip on the peas, waiting to train them until the threat of hard frost is gone. I'm still waiting for the sweet peas to germ. Have not had luck with them here due to getting them in late. Thought this year I would try them really early. I just love them to death! The scent is amazing. Theresa.

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Tammy Kennedy

i've had much better luck with sweet peas by soaking them for a day or 2 first and trying to plant when it's gonna rain. they will rot if it gets too cold before they sprout. if you let them set seed towards the end you'll have them come up on their own and they typically sprout in late fall early winter that way. i adore sweet peas; they remind me of my granma since they were one of her favorites. i grow the oldfashioned ones with the knock out candy scent. the only way i can get them to do well is to start them either in fall or about now and get them going before it gets warm at all. otherwise thy are too small to do much before it gets hot.

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OH oh, I better get moving. I am way ahead of last year, but hadn't planned on putting anything in the ground for a couple more weeks. I am planning on some sugar snap peas. Last year I did luck out when I planted them. They did well even though I waited a little too late. I think I waited until March. At least I know I am not the only one that wants to get out and get some things planted

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Ralph Whisnant(z7b-8 NC)

The vines of the snow peas that I planted in October are two feet long but laying almost flat after this week's snow and ice collapsed the plastic that I had over them. Most nights I leave them uncovered or use row cover fabric unless the temp will be below 30 degrees, then I add a layer of plastic over the row cover. Even when left uncovered, they show no signs of damage from light frost. As soon as this current cold weather is over, I plan to prop up the vines and add some netting for them to climb, though this will make it harder to protect them if we have any more really cold nights (less than 20 degrees).

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Just wondering if your peas/sweet peas made it through the cold last night? (It was 20 degrees at my house in Thomasville). I've been soaking some sweet pea seeds inside until they sprouted, and they're ready to go in the ground now, but I'm afraid this severe cold will kill them if I put them outside.

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Tammy Kennedy

20 degrees shouldn't hurt them. you'll plant the seeds in the ground anyhow; so it will insulate them some. if they've already begun to sprout it should be just fine. better to get them in the ground than hold them too long and lose them. just make sure any tender sprouts are a little below the ground. good luck! tammy

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Ok, tammy, I'll give it a try. Poor things, it seems so cruel to put them out in the cold!

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Tammy Kennedy

well, if it were to warm up in the next couple days i'd have said wait, but since it's to stay cold you've got nothing to lose. let us know how it goes! tam

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