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NtopherJanuary 25, 2014

I just bought my first home! It is on a secluded driveway, I share with two other homes. My home faces the driveway which is a little raised and on the other side of it is one of the other homes which has a very busy front yard. I want to plant some privacy shrubs lining my side of the driveway. The shrubs don't need to be to tall because the home is lower then the driveway and other home but I want something that is dense all year long, does not need a lot of maintenance and does well in direct sun. Any suggestions!? Thanks!

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How large, and do you have other concerns? The generic set of large evergreen shrubs that are popular around here are things like gardenias, rhododendrons, and azaleas. There's a large purplish leaved bush that can be highly pruned to serve any size and shape hedge, I can never remember the name but from a quick Google search it may be Cotinus/ smoke bush. Any classic hedge shrub would work as well if privacy trumps flowers. Boxwood, holly, and that sort of thing.

I personally love gardenias because propagating them just requires dropping the trimmings in a bottle in the window. They root as easily as basil.

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