new nepenthes owner. need help/confirmation

riryJune 28, 2013

Hello, I just received my plant in the mail. I've had it for a few days and it seems to be doing well. Before I accidentally kill it I want to get some things confirmed.

First, I'm Pretty sure it's a chanina. Midland 1100 to 1800 correct?

I live in Georgia where it can reach upwards of 80 to 100 degrees f and drop rapidly in the evening. I've decided to keep it indoors next to a window where it gets sun from roughly 7am to a little after 12 season dependent. I keep my house around 74-75 degrees in the day and 65-68 at night.

I water it quite often with distilled water from a spray bottle. I have more flies to feed it than I can deal with, which is why I bought out on the first place.

I'l post more pics when I figure this forum out, but should I trim this pitcher off?

is there anything i should change, please let me know.

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hi this is my favourite of these plants i was under impression that you cut the bulby thing but leave the i wonder if this is right. ive been cutting them off once they are all brown.leaving leaves i had one bulby thing grow as big as a lighter but only one and only once.

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Do I cut the whole bulb at the stem or just the bulb leaving the stem on the leaf? Or just the brown off the pitcher?

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ive been cutting at end of leaf where it starts to get skinny so all there is just a leaf .

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Cut it just before the leaf. These can be cut off any time you find it ugly enough.

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Okay, it's cut. The plant seems to be doing healthy. I noticed some old dead smaller dead leaves towards the base on the stem or vine. I trimmed those away but did not want to completely remove the dead leaves because they are wrapped around the stem. I didn't want to damage it.

On watering this plant, I've been spritzing it keeping it moist and humid, but should I water it to where it soaks through the bottom of the pot 2-3 times a week or is a through spritzing enough? I don't want to root rot it.

Also is this a new leaf forming up top?

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It seems healthy enough. I put a plastic bag over it too at night to increase the humidity. Am I going about this wrong? I really want this thing to thrive. Thanks.

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looks good yes that is new growth i think lol id love someone to give us some advice.i would love to buy the bigger monster!!! it looks happy you must be doing right thing i spray with water i tend to just soak the you mean to use rain water or is it distilled water...out of curosity where are you im in tasmania and its cold state for these guys

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Yeah,i wish more people got on to help. I use distilled. I'm in Georgia (usa) down south. It's been raining and I've been lucky with the humidity. I usually soak it once or twice a week, them spritz it quite often throughout the day to keep it moist. I've only had it a week though. So I don't know if it's too much water yet.

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If your Nepenthes is potted in pure sphagnum moss, water 2x a week, misting it, and keeping a bag over it at night will probably be too much water. Unless your home is exceptionally dry, you might want to try acclimating it to your home temps/humidity. Many intermediate Nepenthes can be acclimated to windowsill growing. A south facing window usually provides the best light, acclimating it to as much light as possible usually results in better colored pitchers and a stronger growing plant. There are a few species that appreciate shade, but yours isn't one of them. Distilled water is perfect. The media should be most but not soaking wet, so water when appropriate, rather than on some set schedule.

These plants are hardier than people give them credit for, slowly try and acclimate it to your conditions. 1st stop using the bag at night, then mist is less and less. Keep watering it just as much as it needs it and see how it goes. It may temporarily stop pitchering for you, but in the long run it'll save you a lot of trouble and a lot of worry if you end up busier than you are now.

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