Cold-hardy carnivores?

Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))June 5, 2009

Hey guys-

So I've got a bunch of pots outside full of sarracenia & flytraps. They're doing Awesome- My biggest pitchers are blooming as are the bigger flytraps.

I want some sundews to put in there... And other carnivores if someone knows of a cool something that can survive low temps. You see the thing is it can get a little cold here in the winter & the pots are just too huge for me to drag inside. So I'm fairly sure there are some cold hardy sundews... But I only know of 2 at the moment, Drosera(s) rotundifolia & filiformis.

Can you guys help me out with some more names or ideas? Ideally they should be able to survive the low 20's if possible.

Oh! How easy are the two above guys to grow from seeds?

If I get some seeds can I just toss 'em in the outside pots & expect some growth, or are they more of a 'baby it inside for a bit' commitment?

Thanks Much-

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Some forms of D. intermedia and binata can also do well but 20's is too cold for all of them unless they are protected / insulated.

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I'm guessing you can find a pinguicula that can live that through the winter far north.

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On paper Filiformis will survive, but you'd probably want to winterize the pots. I hear D. intermedia, D. rotundifolia and D. anglica all grow in my current state (Idaho), which is quite a bit colder than where you're at, I believe.

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