Pruning picture plant

james_ny(z7 NY)June 11, 2007

I posted this in galley by mistake. I have a pitcher plant [Nepenthes ?] in a hanging basket. One stem is getting so long it's flopping over. If I pruned it would the plant do ok?

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Hello james ny,

You can prune Nepenthes. Doing so will make them form new vines from the roots and you can cut 1 foot sections of the pruned vine to try cuttings for new plants. You might want to get some rooting hormone and notch the ends of the cuttings, dipping them in the hormone and then using a vase of water or damp Nepenthes media to root it for a few months. It takes them a long time to root. If you use the vase, wrap some long fiber sphagnum around the cut end with rubber bands or cheesecloth to hold the hormone on and replace the distilled water in the vase weekly or so until you see new growth from the top of the vine and new roots begining to grow on the notched end. Make sure the vine cuttings each have several good mature leaves for photosynthesis.

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james_ny(z7 NY)

Thanks, Mutant. I already have 2 picture plants so I don't have room for any more. There starting to look a little ratty so the'll go outside for the summer [more bugs to feed on].

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HOLD ON! After pruning and before discarding...there are lots around here that would probably loooove to have a cutting to plant (hint hint!)

Do you know what kind of Nepenthes it is?

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I'll take a cutting.

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Yes, me too! I hate to see a nepenthes branch die in vain.

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