Milkweed bug vs boxelder bug

catherinet(5 IN)October 15, 2010

I know some of you are real bug people, and you might know the answer to this. Sorry, no pics. I've been noticing these orange and black bugs all over my milkweed plants. But I thought they were boxelder bugs, since I've had them around the outside of the house, and looked them up and found they were boxelder bugs. looking up both these bugs, I discovered that they are extremely similar looking and in fact one of the same pictures is used for them both on the internet.

Can you bug people enlighten me?


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Normally if you see bugs on your milkweed plants, they are Milkweed bugs. Box Elder bugs are usually only found on members of the Aceraceae (Maple) family. Here's a photo of adult Milkweed bugs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Group Hug

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catherinet(5 IN)

Thanks seedmoney,
I think I was confusing the two, since they look very similar.

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