The best garden-related class? And why?

Baby G (Z10, 300?CH, SoCal-LA)(10)August 1, 2014

What was the best gardening-related class you ever took? And why? Was it a day-long clinic? A semester long class?

Or...what kind of class do you wish were offered near you?

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CA Kate

Our Master Gardener group has classes here in Fresno all-year-'round on all sorts of topics from growing to pruning to storing/processing what you grow. All pertains to what works HERE in the Fresno area. Previously we lived East of the Rockies and so few gardening rule applied here. I learned so much from them and am most grateful - while I sit here eating a supper of freshly grown, organic vegetables from my own garden picked just before cooking.

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CA Kate

I guess I didn't answer all your questions. Each class at The Garden of the Sun usually covers one thing only, ei: pruning grape vines; and are anywhere from an hour to several hours long that last only one half day max - unless it's something to make, like baskets or wreathes. There is usually at least one class each week throughout the year and are taught by Master Gardeners or some other expert.

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gyr_falcon(Sunset 23 USDA 9)

One of my majors was Ornamental Horticulture, so I took a range of classes. After graduating, I expanded the learning with experience. My husband and I started a nursery and landscape business.

It depends upon your focus and interest level. Community colleges often have hands-on horticulture classes, but not everyone desires a semester or two covering soil science or plant identification. I haven't really checked into the nearby offerings intended for homeowners. What is your area of interest, babyg?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Gyr, where is your nursery? I know you're in S. OC, so not that far from me. That's one way to gain experience for sure :-)

For me, it was becoming a Master Gardener. When we had to move to Indiana from California back in 1996, I decided that before I ended up killing everything in my yard (nearly none of which I was familiar with), I ought to learn how to garden in zone 5. Best money I ever spend with respect to gardening. I am trying to get my MG certification in California, now, but classes are during the daytime, and I'm still working full time. Hoping that I can try to take one afternoon off every week for the length of the course next year, though. Really would like to get my MG certification here as well, since we're not planning on moving out of state, again (since we're parked in paradise, now, lol!!) So, any MG course that you can take that focuses on either the foundations of gardening, if you're wanting something basic, or, focuses on an area of gardening you'd like to learn more about or specialize in would be your best bet.

Patty S.

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