Checkered White or Cabbage White?

bananasinohio(6OH)October 24, 2012

Has anyone raised Checkered Whites before? I collected a whole bunch of eggs on Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta). They are starting to hatch, and I am sure most of them are cabbage whites. However, we did see a checkered white laying eggs in the area on the same plants. Are you able to tell the hatchlings apart? I can't find any pictures of hatchlings. The only thing I could find was a first instar picture. That picture shows a caterpillar with a black head. All the hatchlings so far have green or white heads.

Any info would be a help!



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The Checkered White caterpillar is striped white, yellow and bluish black with dark spots/dots and a green head. Little tiny white hairs. They use pepper weed / lentejilla / Lepidium Virginicum here.

I tried to post a link to photos i have on Dave's but GW blocks them. No wonder I don't frequent GW but once in a blue moon!

Here is a link that might be useful: Checkered White caterpillar

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Well, I had given up hope on any checkered white eggs. Then I was switching some cabbage white caterpillars to new plants in another container when I found a small caterpillar. Yay! It is a checkered white! I am so excited! It still has a way to go though, and some of the cabbage whites had parasitoid wasps. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.


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